I feel attracted to things that frighten me. Strong dark artworks, the chaos of a big and busy city or even a personal struggle. The emotions they evoke are fascinating. Fear can be a blockade or a motivation to create.



At the start of my studies, material research often was the starting point or the subject of my projects.  I have an appreciation of materials and the interest of experimenting with their properties. This started with materials that are commonly known, such as porcelain, metal, glass, stone, fabric and plastic. During my fine arts studies I have been reusing and reinventing materials that I have found and collected in a way to become more aware of wasting money or resources. 

My interests lie within wearable art, the role of crafts in a modern society, finding stillness in the busy world (combining two worlds) and researching the underlying systems that exist and make society ‘function’. Themes such as nostalgia, symbolic interactionism, the anthropocene and anthropocentrism and simplicity are frequently referenced in my research.

With my projects I create experiences for my audience. Whether it is a sculpture, video or social experiment, I want the audience to take a memory with them after experiencing my work.

Just as I enjoy experimenting and using different types of materials, I do the same with different types of media. I feel most comfortable making sculptures or other three-dimensional works. Ever so often I push myself by using new media such as a book or zine, video and audio installation or a social experiment.


The work 'Kaamos' is a personification of the polar nights in winter in Finland. This is made visually by a head made of layers of plastic that radiates light from within a wooden frame.







In this piece sound is used to describe and interpret space.

This piece was a collaboration with Fleur Dietz, Arie Fransen and Sam van der Meel.




Absorption rings part of the Topia collection.

photo by Ingrid Koenen


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